Sardique is a tour-operator focused on “tailor made” tours and adventures in Sardinia, featured by authentic experiences and unique locations. Our tours are the result of our deep knowledge of  places, people and traditions; our aim is to let you live unforgettable experiences.

We are 3 partners with a deep passion for travels and with the luck of being tied up to a unique place such Sardinia is. We travelled all around the world, we experienced unforgettable and exciting voyages, we met authentic and intriguing people, we slept both in the desert and in exclusive locations…. but our heart still beats in Sardinia. And now we create here our tours for you.

Sardique is the combination of all our passions and competences.


Born in Sardinia, she profoundly knows this island having spent here most of her youth and where she still carries on many important relationships with craftsmen, manufacturer and local chefs. Upon these knowledges she was inspired and based her idea of Sardique.
Responsible for the voyages and customer – experience, she is the direct contact for the realization of your “dream-voyage”, customized and tailored upon your request and needs.
She speaks Italian (mother tongue) such as English and German.
Sardique Co-founder.


Traveller and voyager, eco-tourism lover, sommelier, sportsman, he very far ago fell in love with Sardinia island. During his voyages all over the world, he was inspired by the idea of Sardique.
Responsible for marketing and strategy.
He speaks Italian (mother tongue) such as English, French and German.
Sardique Co-founder.


He is a hiking guide, with a degree in Sport Science, expert MTB guide, personal trainer and swim instructor, trekking and kayak. Specialized in long distance activities, he realized sport challenges all across Europe. Living in Sardinia island since long time, he knows paths and tracks, beaches and bays, bushes and shores. He was inspired by the idea of Sardique travelling along these wonderful areas.
He will personally guide you through our tours in this splendid environment and will reveal you the training and sport techniques secrets.
English and Italian mother tongue.
Sardique Co-founder.


Living in Sardinia, he has a profound knowledge of the places and routes, traditions and different Sardinian languages (never call them dialects which they are not), secrets and stories.
He will be the driver and the logistic support-man during your tours. He will provide for all your needs and requests and always will be at your disposal for any advice.
He speaks Italian (mother tongue), English and most of the Sardinian languages.


Born in Bellinzona, he is since long an international triathlete, taking part to the most important Triathlon and Ironman competitions, not last the Hawaii World Championship 2015 edition, placing into the first 100 competitors. The roads and lakes of Ticino are is natural training location. He has strong links with Sardinia and Mediterranean area.
He will be your guide during the Special Events that Sardique will organise in Switzerland such as in Sardinia. He will reveal you the secrets of a correct cycling, swimming and running training.
He speaks Italian (mother tongue) such as English, French and German.


Born in Sardinia in the province of Oristano, he is a young but expert guide that knows and loves the all area of Supramonte where he spends most of his spear time, always looking for new spots and sites to visit. He may guide you for a one-day hiking as well for long trekking tours, or he may guide you on the splendid waters of the Orosei gulf aboard of his rubber boat or riding a horse.
Wherever you like to go along the Supramonte area and in the Gennargentu National Park and whatever you want use for your tour in Sardinia, Nicola will guide you safely along the voyage.
He speaks Italian (mother tongue), English and most of the Sardinian languages

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