Biking into the Europe’s broadest Holm Oak forest at 1.000 m a.s.l. and then down into the earth deepest heart. You can’t miss a taste of the “nectar of the Gods”.


Starting from the small village of Domus de Maria, mainly known for the beach of Chia, we will follow the route of the mountains, passing through an ecosystem of 22.000 hectares on which lays the biggest Holm Oak of all Europe. Former route, followed by ancient Phoenicians and Romans people, connecting the two most important cities of Sardinia: Sulki (today known as San’Antioco) and Calaris (Cagliari). We will follow the road down to Santadi town, renowned for its wines. Here we will stop to a notorious winery and have a visit at its vineyards and a taste of their wines will be offered. Then back on our bikes with destination an incredible and evocative place: the grotto of Is Zuddas. Celebrated worldwide for their unique geological structure.


We will start from Domus de Maria, at the Pixinamanna forest limit, following an uphill path that will lead us over 1.000m a.s.l. then along the bush of Is Cannoneris and Pantaleo. What you will really need here is the strength and the energy more than riding technique and ability. At the end of this breath-taking steep road, a picnic area is the right place for a lunch and a rest, covered by high and huge trees. Back on our bikes, down on a fast and long downhill dirt-road, passing through the Pantaleo Forest, we will arrive to the Santadi village for the visit to the vineyards and winery. After a tasting of this magnificent Carignano del Sulcis wine, the renowned Terre Brune, we will continue our ride to reach the Is Zuddas grotto. A place full of fashion and mystery, a majestic location discovered with the help of a specialized guide. A tour along clearing and bushes, up and downhill dirt roads, sea and mountains, stalactites and stalagmites, you will be amazed by the explosive beauty of this wild Nature.
We will drive you back to Domus the Maria with our support vehicle.
Upon request, it is possible to have a typical dinner in the Santadi area before the return trip.

Furio is a hiking guide, with a degree in Sport Science, expert MTB guide, personal trainer and swim instructor, trekking and kayak. Long distance activities specialized sportsman, he has realized sport challenges across Europe. Living in Sardinia region since long time, he knows paths and tracks, beaches and bays, bushes and shores. He was inspired by the idea of Sardique travelling along these wonderful areas.
He will guide you through our tours in this splendid environment and will reveal you training and sport techniques secrets.
Speaks fluently English and Italian.


Each participant must be equipped with:

  • Essential equipment: MTB and technical gear, suitable for the selected tour, helmet, water for 1 day, tire repair kit, spear tube, jacket.
  • Suggested equipment: sun cream, sun glasses, gloves, clothes for the excursion into the cavern where temperature may be lower then outside and ground may be slippery.

N.B.: all the tour will be constantly followed by our 4X4 vehicle on board of which you may carry all you need.

Sardique may provide, upon request, for specific technical equipment such as for bikes: we will rent you either professional level, carbon framed MTB or e-bikes.
The tour requires MTB activity with some narrow paths and rocky passages. Adhering to our tour, each participant states for his own physical condition and training. He also declares not suffering of any disease or physical disturb, not suitable to a medium/high intensity activity.




REGION: Italy – South Sardinia

DESTINATION: Sulcis–Iglesiente

DURATION: All day long


FIT LEVEL: high/medium

PRICE FROM: Fr.105 / Eur 97 pax



  • All day biking excursion
  • Unexpected and untouched wild nature
  • Three different bushes of vital relevance for Mediterraean environment
  • Specific tour for different MTB disciplines’ fans (marathon, trial, rally)
  • The Is Zuddas grotto
  • Local expert MTB guide for all the tour at your disposal
  • Support vehicle for all the tour


Difficulties * * * * *
Nature * * * * *
Culture * * *
Landscape * * * * *
Gastronomy * * *


The tour is offered either exclusively on a private basis or with public tour dates.
Please contact us at to start designing a private tour that is everything you want and nothing you don’t, where, when and how you want it, to share with whomever you choose


  • Sulcis Iglesiente region, south Sardinia, regional park of Is Cannoneris – Pantaleo.
  • The Europe’s broadest Holm oak bush.
  • Wild deer, wildcat
  • Wine: Carignano del Sulcis


Group dimension: from 4 to 6 person.
On request: single, couple and family tours.
Tour distance: 40km
Itinerary characteristics: for well trained and expert bikers only; long up hills unpaved road.
You may need a good training preparation such as a good physical/athletic competence. You may need to ride your bike for long distance.


Not later than three weeks before the tour departure.


Our effort is to provide our guests with the most unforgettable, stress-free travel experience.

Foods and more

  • Lunch/picnic during the MTB ride;
  • Isotonic beverages during the tour;
  • Wine tasting in a local winery.


  • Group sizes that don’t exceed 6 guests on a scheduled departure;
  • English speaking guide for the all tour, with extensive; MTB/trail/trekking and local knowledge and endurance sports experience;
  • Support vehicle;
  • Entrance fees and guides for all the mentioned sites as outlined in the itinerary guide.


  • Travel insurance.

Sardique strives to consistently amaze, surprise and delight. For this reason, each itinerary may be subject to slight modifications, according to weather conditions too.


What is not specifically reported in “what’s included” section.
For the bike rent, please see the Options section.


Full day tour: 105 Fr. /97 Eur pax


Exclusive couple tour over fees (in case of tours organised exclusively for a couple): 35 Fr./30 Eur/pax;
Carbon-framed Pistidda MTB renting: 35 Fr/30 Eur/pax;
E-bike renting: 40 Fr/35 Eur/pax;
Dinner in a local typical restaurant as conclusion of the day;
Transfer from your accommodation to the “starting point”;
Technical clothing and equipment: upon request, it is possible to purchase all what you need for this tour.
On request, Sardique may provide for overnight rooms, suitable with your requirement.

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