A 4 days trekking, ideal in any season, to discover the ancient shepherd’s life-style and shelters, losing yourself into the beauty of a wild territory.


Supramonte is the symbol of Sardinan wild nature: it is the most fashionable site of the inner territory of this incredible island. The Supramonte is a limestone tableland stretching over 35,000 hectares, where geological events have shaped this area, rich in crevasses, sink-holes, caves and canyons known as codule. This area is home to the extremely rare Sardinian dormouse, the golden eagle and the mouflon such as many endemic and rare plants.
Scattered over the territory are the Cuiles or Barracos, stone and wooden structures used for centuries by shepherds as shelters and sheepfolds for the night: renovated by local municipalities and people, for a few days they will be our comfortable shelters as well.
Along the itinerary there are many remains from Nuragical era too.
Along the whole tour you will be followed by one/two local guides, according to weather and path conditions.


1st DAY, Sunday: welcome to Sardinia

Arrival of the participants to the hotel and accommodation in the rooms. Welcome aperitifs and tour briefing for the tour.

Meals: welcome aperitif, dinner.
Accomodation: Su Gologone Experience Hotel.

2nd DAY, Monday: walking and sleeping Sheppard’s style.

Breakfast and then transfer with a 4×4 vehicle to the trekking tour start point.
Quite easy dirt track that starts from Arcu Correboi (1.246m a.s.l.), follows the N-E direction along the Flumineddu river, reaches the Pedrocontu Arch and arrives to Monte San Giovanni peak (1.316m a.s.l.). Here we will stop for the night in a hut and have our meal under the stars.

Meals: breakfast in hotel/packed lunch and dinner during the tour.
Destination: From Arcu Correboi to Monte Novo San Giovanni
Itinerary: 4:30 h – 8.5 km
Accomodation: Cuile (shepherd’s mountain shelter)

3rd DAY, Tuesday: into the wild

The longest and hardest stage of the tour starts on a downhill dirt road reaching Cuile Sos Pisanos at the bottom of Monte Nieddu and ahead to Monte Su Biu. We will pass through a thick bush and then up again to the wildest Supramonte. After Campu Donianicoro tableland, we will arrive to the Cuile Ziu Raffaele for the second night in a hut.

Meals: packed breakfast, lunch and dinner during the tour
Destination: from Monte Novo San Giovanni to Cuile Ziu Raffaele
Itinerary: 8:00 h – 16 km
Accomodation: Cuile (Sheppard’s mountain shelter)

4th DAY, Wednesday: from the bush up to Supramonte cap

We will follow the S/W direction, entering the last European primordial and biggest Holm Oak. On the route we will pass along Cuile Pistoccu and Cuile Taletto. We will follow an easy dirt track before starting a long uphill trail to Punta Corrasi, the highest peak of Supramonte (1.463m a.s.l.). Bivouac in the Cuile Pradu for the night.

Meals: packed breakfast, lunch and dinner during the tour
Destination: from Cuile Ziu Raffaele to Cuile Pradu
Itinerary: 7:30 h – 13.5 km
Accomodation: Cuile (Sheppard’s mountain shelter)

5th DAY, Thursday: rocks, caves and springs

From the Pradu meadow, along a rocky path of the Nurra Sas Palumabas and then down again to Cuile Vilitzi and ahead we go to the Orgoi cave and Monte Cusidore peak (1.147m a.s.l.), following rocky and hard path. Passing by the peaks of Fruncu Nieddu and Monte Uddè we will take the long downhill for the Gologone springs. Here ends this fantastic adventure through the harsh Sardinian Nature and little known shepherds culture.
Su Gologone hotel will welcome your return, hosting in their comfortable rooms where you will finally sleep again in a true bad.

Meals: packed breakfast and lunch during the tour/ Dinner in Hotel
Destinations: from Cuile Prado to Su Gologone
Itinerary: 6:00 h – 9.5 km
Accommodation: Su Gologone Experience Hotel

Dal prato Pradu si prosegue lungo un sentiero roccioso della Nurra Sas Palumbas per poi scendere al cuile Vilitzi e raggiungere la grotta Orgoi e la vetta del Monte Cusidore (1’147 m), seguendo percorsi rocciosi. Dopo aver passato le vette del Fruncu Nieddu e del Monte Uddè, inizia la lunga discesa verso la sorgente del Gologone. Qui termina questa fantastica avventura attraverso la natura della Sardegna ed il poco conosciuto mondo dei pastori.
L’Hotel Su Gologone vi accoglierà nuovamente nelle sue comode camere per trascorrere la notte nuovamente in un letto.

6th DAY, Friday: and at last a rest day

After a satisfying breakfast, you may enjoy the splendid location of Su Gologone. On request Sardique may arrange for you other activities and tours in other spots.

Meals: Breakfast

Furio is a hiking guide, with a degree in Sport Science, expert MTB guide, personal trainer and swim instructor, trekking and kayak. Long distance activities specialized sportsman, he has realized sport challenges across Europe. Living in Sardinia region since long time, he knows paths and tracks, beaches and bays, bushes and shores. He was inspired by the idea of Sardique travelling along these wonderful areas.
He will guide you through our tours in this splendid environment and will reveal you training and sport techniques secrets.
Speaks fluently English and Italian.

Nicola was born in Sardinia in the province of Oristano. He is a young but expert guide that knows and loves the all area of Supramonte where he spends most of his spear time, always looking for new spots and sites to visit. He may guide you for a one-day hiking as well for long trekking tours, or he may guide you on the splendid waters of the Orosei gulf aboard of his rubber boat or riding a horse.
Wherever you like to go along the Supramonte area and in the Gennargentu National Park and whatever you want use for your tour in Sardinia, Nicola will guide you safely along the voyage.


Each participant must be equipped with:

  • Essential equipment: hiking wears including long pants, trekking/technical boots, a beret and rain/wind jacket, plus additional wears to be flexible according to possible warm weather during the day and cold/very cold during the night, a sleeping bag, water and personal issues, suitable for a 4 days/3nights excursion.
  • Recommended equipment: sun cream and glasses, trekking poles, spare clothes.

On request, Sardique can supply technical equipment.
Tour requires intense and continues trail activity with narrow path and some rocky passages. Adhering to our tour, each participant states for his own physical condition and training. He also declares not suffering of any disease or physical disturb, not suitable to a medium/high intensity activity.





REGION: Italy – Centre of Sardinia

DESTINATION: Supramonte – Ogliastra Province

DURATION: 6 days / 5 nights

ACCOMODATION LEVEL: * * * * Hotel/sleeping bag during the tour for the shelters

FIT LEVEL: medium – high

PRICE FROM: Fr. 910 – Eur 850/pax



  • Long trekking tour and breath-taking panoramas
  • Sleeping in the ancient shepherd’s shelters
  • First and last day in exclusive Resort with SPA and swimming pool
  • Two local guides at your disposal during the tour


Difficulties * * * * *
Nature * * * * *
Culture * * *
Landscape * * * * *
Gastronomy * * *


The tour is offered either exclusively on a private basis or with public tour dates.
Please contact us at to start designing a private tour that is everything you want and nothing you don’t, where, when and how you want it, to share with whomever you choose.


  • Sardinia Island, National Park of Orosei and Gennargentu
  • One of the most untouched and wildest areas of the Mediterranean basin
  • Drink: Cannonau wines


Group dimension: from 4 to 6 person.
On request: single, couple and family tours.
Tour distance: 47.5km (divided in four stages)
Itinerary characteristics: for experts; some routes may be more problematic due to presence of rocks and passages inside the scrub. It is not an ordinary walk along a paved road. You will need to sleep in shelters with sleeping bags
Physical conditions: a good physical preparation is required, such as the ability of moving along arduous paths.


Not later than three weeks before the tour departure.


Our effort is to provide our guests with the most unforgettable, stress-free travel experience.


  • 2nights in double room. Breakfast included during your stay in the resort;
  • 3 nights in the ancient shepherd’s shelters (need for sleeping bag).

Lunch, dinner and…

  • 2 breakfasts in hotel / 3 packed breakfasts during the tour;
  • 4 packed lunches during the tour;
  • 2 dinners in Hotel / 3 packed dinners during the tour.


  • Group sizes that don’t exceed 6 guests on a scheduled departure;
  • 2 local expert guides for the all tour, one of which English speaker;
  • Transfer from the Hotel to the tour starting point;
  • Isotonic beverages;
  • Pre- and post-travel planning assistance
    o Upgrade to Concierge Travel Planning


  • Travel insurance

Sardique strives to consistently amaze, surprise and delight. For this reason, each itinerary may be subject to slight modifications, according to weather conditions too.


What is not specifically reported in “what’s included” section.


Tour 6 days/5 nights: 910 CHF / 850 € pax


  • Single room supply: 90 Fr. / 80 Eur pax.
  • Exclusive couple tour over fees (in case of tours organised exclusively for a couple): 325 Fr. / 300 Eur Eur pax;
  • Transfer from the airport to the Hotel: 50 Fr. / 40 Eur pax
  • Transfer from the Hotel to the airport: 50 Fr. / 40 Eur pax
  • Technical gears and sportswear: upon request, you may purchase all the technical equipment for your tour.
  • Other activities: Sardique may provide for you the exact activity and solution based on your request.

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